I have had the pleasure of engaging with Neville on various occasions during the past year. 

I have had the opportunity to interact with him as both a medium and also, in his capacity as a reiki healer and have found these experiences uplifting and rewarding, which really explains why I am a returning client. 

Although I was quite hesitant during our first meeting, Neville made sure that I was at ease and provided me with an encouraging message, which gave me clarity  and allowed me to change my perspective on many of the issues that were weighing me down at the time. Neville is a professional medium and reiki healer, who pays attention to the details and his clients’ specific needs.

Nerine Viljoen

I had such a wonderful experience with my Reiki Session with Neville Seal on 3 March 2018.

I was welcomed with open arms, the atmosphere was so peaceful and the therapy room was immaculate.

Neville was so gentle while working with me, his touch is so gentle and sincere. Working with my energy he picked up activities from many years ago that  I did not even realised is still an issue in my life.

I was really surprised that he could pick this up out of my energy. Neville made me feel so safe.

Heila Channer

It’s my absolute pleasure to recommend Neville as your practitioner. I always admire his professional approach and his honesty.

Reiki has been a tremendous blessing in my life. I have seen Reiki produce great healing within myself. Also, I have seen great changes in my life and career.

It has helped me be calmer. People that I know have commented on the change. I have a better perception and more aware.

It’s so awesome to uncover yourself and what you are capable of doing. And it’s great to have an amazing reiki practitioner too!

Lezette Fernandes

I reside in Cape Town (Neville is based in Johannesburg) and have received distance healing sessions with Neville on two occasions. I have received treatment for both menopause and bursitis in my shoulder. The results of the sessions have been very positive.

My experience with menopause has not been easy. One of the symptoms that I have been struggling with is brain fog. My mind went blank in the middle of thoughts while I was working. It is a very scary experience and I found myself forcing myself to think. I had two sessions with Neville and there was a huge improvement. It is wonderful that I am thinking normally again and I am thankful that brain fog is a thing of the past.

 I had bursitis in my left shoulder, it was very painful and I could not lift my arm. I took medication but it was still very painful and my movement was inhibited as a result. After one session with Neville there was a marked improvement. The following day was even better and I did not need to take any pain medication.
It is wonderful to know that I can call on Neville to make a booking and I will receive the healing I need. I highly recommend Neville’s healing as he is gifted and is able to provide the healing needed.
Sandra Cooney