As part of his community service; Neville facilitates and chairs a recovery group for Codependence Anonymous South Africa (CoDA). The group focuses on recovering from codependency, providing a safe space for people to express themselves and recover. The group is focused on the 12 Step Program ‘A Way Out’ structured and published by CoDA International. Neville furthermore provides facilitation and guidance on the program, providing members healing insight on how to forge forward with the 12 Steps of recovery. Meetings are held every Tuesday and Wednesday of the week at the Foundation Recovery Clinic in Oaklands Johannesburg between 6pm and 8pm.

Neville provides further service to CoDA South Africa as head of the Literature Committee for CoDA Johannesburg. Neville has an active role in building frameworks and systems for the CoDA South Africa Group to ensure the organisations growth and development in South Africa.

“The work I do with CoDA is extremely rewarding. Seeing people grow and develop by becoming active participants in their own healing process is fulfilling.  I embrace CoDA South Africa and our International CoDA family wholeheartedly for their impactful work they do. The organisation has provided me a sense of hope for society knowing that there truly is ‘A Way Out’ for those suffering from codependency.

Given South Africa’s traumatic past, the condition is rife within our own society and the need to get the CoDA message out is vital to the mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of South Africans. My proactive involvement in CoDA South Africa’s growth and development is fuelled by the desire to get the CoDA message out to the still suffering codependent. CoDA South Africa is still a fledgling organisation and I look forward to seeing it mature. Only through the organisations growth can we touch more lives and assist in the recovery process effectively.” – Neville Seal