About the Practitioner

Neville Seal is a trained Reiki practitioner and a registered member of the Reiki Association of South Africa (RASA) and the Jikiden Institute in Japan. He has obtained his Jikiden Reiki levels Shoden and Okuden; the two levels required for advanced practice in this traditional Japanese healing method. Gendai Reiki methods are provided at Neville’s Reiki practice, as full training and attunement have been accomplished. His Usui Reiki levels Shoden, Okuden and Shinpiden have been successfully obtained and offered as part of his skill set. Neville has received further training in Karuna Reiki® as a practitioner and registered with The International Reiki Training Centre.

“As I watch my clients heal and grow, I become captivated by the healing qualities of Reiki. It truly does prove itself time and time again through results.” ~ Neville Seal

Karuna Reiki® registration number: ZAP-17-06

RASA practice number: RASAP 1447

Naoshinasai (pronunciation- now-shina- si) means "Please heal, cure or adjust” in Japanese.

Naoshinasai Reiki is a safe space for patients to receive Reiki through different traditional and modern bio-treatments. We ensure a safe environment for patients to attend their sessions and practice within The Reiki Association of South Africa’s (RASA) Rules, Standards and Codes of Ethics. Naoshinasai Reiki’s objectives focus on integrated wellness in cohesion with the medical fraternity, improving the patient’s quality of life. Reiki is an essential contribution to those seeking a cohesive approach to their healing process. Focusing on wellness, we appreciate our clients as a whole that includes body, mind and spirit.


Situated on a residential property; Naoshinasai provides secured lock up parking for clients and has full security features. We offer an out of practice service that services those that would prefer treatments at home, at their offices or preferred treatment facilities.

Operating Hours

Office Hours:

Monday to Friday : 9am to 5pm

Practice Hours:

Practice hours are scheduled for in practice bookings. 

Monday : 11am to 18:30pm

Thursday : 11am to 18:30pm

Saturday : 9am to 12pm

Sundays : special requests