aura readings and aura smudging


Aura readings provide great insights into your physical, mental and emotional state of being. With the assistance of the aura, we can assist you in focusing on key aspects of your life, so as to gain a sense of balance and wellbeing. Aura readings also give us great insight into where healing is needed. The reading session includes a Reiki aura cleansing.

We can feel weighed down by the strains of life and our consciousness can become attached to interactions that do not serve us. Aura smudgings can assist in the release of negative consciousness. A combination of smudging, power symbols and affirmation create the perfect environment to assist clients in the cleansing process.

chakra reading and balancing

Chakra readings are a wonderful way to reveal blocks and uncover what areas of your life you need to focus healing on. Through affirmations, energy fluctuations and recognizing triggers; blockages and areas that need healing can be identified. Chakra balancing and aura cleansing is provided as part of this therapy.

guided meditations

A westernised existence can leave little time to relax and connect. By taking time out with guided meditations you provide yourself with the physical, mental, emotional and energetic break to focus on healing and connection. Research has proven the benefits of meditation and Naoshinasai offers you this healing moment.

Guided meditations can be used for different focuses:

  • Physical, mental and emotional healing
  • Setting intention and manifestation
  • Spiritual Connection

At Naoshinasai you can gain access to different guided meditations that facilitate your individual
needs through customising your own guided meditation.  Naoshinasai’s practitioner researches and formulates your personal guided meditation to fit your requirements.  Customisation is charged tan affordable hourly rate.

psychic mediumship

With 17 years’ experience in psychic mediumship, Neville provides an in-depth look into individual enquiries. Reading sessions are treated as a healing session and insights are guided by Higher Knowledge. A successful track record of satisfied clients designates Neville’s ability to provide adequate insights and healing guidance.

space cleansings

Space cleansings are ideal for those that would like to recalibrate the energy in their homes, offices, studios or any other dwelling that needs a shift in consciousness. Space cleansings include smudging, implementation of energy symbols, sacred salt protection and crystal grids to maintain the vibrational quality of your space. The combination of these methods ensures that your space aligns with a positive energy shift and retains the atmosphere.


Naoshinasai provides a variety of courses that focus on spiritual development.  Courses are usually held once a week over weekends to ensure that those that are interested in attending are able to join.

The courses that are on offer are:

Psychic development course

This course is divided into twelve modules over twelve weeks. It is held once a week for five hours per module.  It provides candidates spiritual development and the tools to enhance and develop their psychic abilities. On completion of the course and once candidates have fulfilled the Associations requirements, candidates can register at the Psychics Association of South Africa as a professional practitioner. (

Advanced Psychic Development

This 6 week course is provided to those that have completed the initial psychic development course. It provides candidates intensive psychic development opportunities that strengthen and maintain their psychic abilities. The course is provided once a week for six weeks and runs for five hours per module.

Tarot Card Course

This comprehensive course delves into the Tarot card system. It provides candidates the ability to understand the different Arcana and how to interact with the Tarot system traditionally and intuitively .Attendees are provided the insight into different spread and given the opportunity to practice their skill level.

Spirituality for Kids

We teach children to accept themselves as spiritual beings, develop their intuitive ability and assist them in becoming more spiritually tolerant. We provide the children tools that help them become more mindful and ensure interactive activities to remind them of what they have learnt. The course is provided over four weeks for an hour and a half, once a week.



Purchase gift vouchers for friends and family and receive discounted rates by purchasing therapy packages for your loved ones. Relaxation therapies, detox therapies, emotional healing and physical healing are all beautiful gifts to give to your nearest and dearest.

Contact Naoshinasai today to find out what therapy packages we have on offer or custom make your own from the modalities offered on this website.