Reiki was introduced to the West by Mrs. Takata when she returned from her visit to Japan in 1938 and became a Shinpiden. Her teacher, Chujiro Hayashi Sensei was the last Shinpiden student certified by Usui Sensei. The new style contained the same energy lineage going back to Usui Sensei and many of the same techniques, but also contained new methods developed by Hayashi. These included a new system of attunements, a standard method of hand placements along with specific hand placements for various illnesses. 

The western Reiki systems incorporate working with the aura (human energy filed) and the chakra system. For those that are not comfortable with hands on treatments, Western Reiki will address your needs. This system does however work with hand placements on the head, shoulders, abdomen, back, knees and feet. The treatment works within the first three layers of the aura (etheric, emotional and mental). Where some positions are place on the body, when appropriate the aura is used instead of the physical body.

Western Reiki is the perfect therapy for those that are approaching Reiki for the first time. The treatment addresses relaxation, stress, detox, muscle pains, joint paint, flu and other minor ailments. Working with the chakras and aura we can address mental and emotional afflictions and bring them to the surface, opening the doorway to further healing and balance. The treatment duration is 60 min.